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  1. The backup button in the Online Backup client is greyed out. Problem: The backup button in the client is greyed out. Cause: A backup is active, the account is full, the client is offline or the account is deactivated. Solution: - When a backup is active, the backup button is greyed out. If the backup... Read More
  2. The message Directory listing appears on IIS7/IIS8 The error "Directory listing is not enabled for your hosting" appears:   This can be resolved by adapting or creating a web.config with the following code:   <configuration> <location path="special_directory_name_here"> <system.webSer... Read More
  3. Someone sent me a mail, but I did not receive it. How so? There may be different possible reasons why you cannot receive the e-mail. There are also a few tests that can help you find the problem: Check via Webmail if your e-mails arrive on the server . Also check if you have an internet connection. If i... Read More
  4. How can I register a Telenet domain name? Check availability domain name and register domain name.   If the domain name is still available you can register as a new customer or log in with your account details via the button at the top of the website.     Complete the procedure and as soon ... Read More