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  1. Add a new domain name and confirm ownership As a first step you need to prove you are the owner of the domain name by adding a verification record (TXT record) to the DNS server of the service provider that hosts your domain name. Add a new domain name Login to MyAccount: Click Shared Hosting... Read More
  2. Up- or Downgrade Licences in CloudOffice   Up- or Downgrade Licences in CloudOffice   Note: It is not possible to delete a license in MyCloud when it is still being used by an Office 365 account. If you want to up- or downgrade an Office 365 account, use the following procedure: Add a new ... Read More
  3. What to do in case of spam complaints? When there are grounds for a complaint, you first need to establish how and to whom you can address your complaint.   There are two types of illegal spam :   an electronic message may be illegal because of its prospective nature (of which the ... Read More
  4. How can I register a Telenet domain name? Check availability domain name and register domain name.   If the domain name is still available you can register as a new customer or log in with your account details via the button at the top of the website.     Complete the procedure and as soon ... Read More