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  1. How do I track problems in my PHP website? Because of security reasons we don't display PHP errors to the visitor on our shared environments. Due to the structure of our environment it is not possible to log default PHP errors, as we are doing now for visitors and apache error logs. We ca... Read More
  2. How do I use Google Analytics for my Linux/IIS8 web hosting account? To use Google Analytics, you must do two things: 1.    Create a Google Analytics account 2.    Set up the web tracking code1.    Creating a Google Analytics account •    Go to the Googl... Read More
  3. Use of "friendly" URLs on my Linux hosting. The mod_rewrite module of the Apache (Linux) web server gives you the ability to transparently redirect visitors to different URLs, without the user's knowledge. This opens up all sorts of possibilities, from simply redirecting old URLs to new ... Read More
  4. Error message during backup ’Reparse point not supported’ Problem: Users might get the following warning message when backing up profile data on machines running Vista: Skipping: Z:UsersTester (reparse point, unsupported) The backup report states 'Backup incomplete'. This error message mig... Read More
  5. What are webparts and which are available? Sharepoint websites use Web parts, small web applications developed in ASP.NET. The webmasters and website users can easily add those web parts to the web pages of your Sharepoint and configure them according to their use. There are many standard web... Read More