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  1. How do I view my website without adjusting DNS data? To view and edit your website prior to put it online / to adjust DNS data, there are 2 possibilities described below.The first one is the most practical method and can be applied in most cases: Your site has a direct link on our Shared Hosting server... Read More
  2. Which DNS servers do I have to configure on my Dedicated or Colocation server Although the network configuration on the dedicated servers is already done by us, it might be necessary to enter your DNS settings again when configuring the network settings. For colocation servers you need to do the network con... Read More
  3. How do I configure my name server settings (DNS records)? Log in on MyAccount Click on "Domain names" and select your domain name Click on "Resource records" A-Record Enter the Host name (connected to your domain name, e.g. * and the IP address. Click here to find the IP address of a ho... Read More
  4. Activate DNS servers for .nu domain The following message appears: "Name server updates are not allowed for this domain." Contact support for assistance by email or on 09 326 90 94.... Read More
  5. Unable to change nameservers because my domain is parked. You need to reactivate your domain in myaccount. Go to your domain name and click the button "Unpark" under the tab "Information".  You can now configure your DNS. ... Read More
  6. Is ionCube Encoder/Loader supported? We support ionCube Encoder/Loader. Companies can protect the PHP source code of their applications. ionCube Encoder protects the code through an advanced encoding technology. This software is billable and needs to be purchased and used by the custome... Read More
  7. How long does it take before I can use a new cloud server after activation? The time to create a new cloud server is dependent on the image used (operating system, applications, etc.), the number of hard drives and the additional services. If you have requested a lot of resources, the activation will take longer. It typical... Read More
  8. How many mail forwards can be created on domain level? There is no limit on the number of mail forwards. ... Read More
  9. Who determines the layout of my website and which adaptations can be made? Webbuilder is taking care of your website layout. Consequently, you don’t need any graphic skills to create or modify pages. You are able to choose predefined styles for your texts through a menu. A style contains all graphic information for a ... Read More
  10. What’s the difference between a temporary and permanent redirect? What’s a 301 redirect (Moved Permanently)? The code 301 assigns a status to a page; one of the most generally known is 404 – which means that the page couldn’t be found. A 301 redirect is used to report to search engines or browsers... Read More
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