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  1. How is the price of my Microsoft SQL Server licence determined on Dynamic Cloud? 1. On the Telenet Dynamic Cloud you decide how many virtual servers you create.  One virtual CPU is regarded as one core. 2. Microsoft’s SQL Server licences are offered in packs of two cores (or two virtual CPUs). 3. For this reason the pr... Read More
  2. Which Connection String can I use for MSSQL on IIS8 (hostedwebfarm) ? You can use the Connection String below on your IIS8 web hosting plan: Persist Security Info=True;User ID=<username>;Password=<password>;Initial Catalog=<databasename>;Data ... Read More
  3. How can I connect to my MS SQL 2012 database via SQL Management Studio? You can establish a connection to your MS SQL 2012 database through SQL Management Studio. For the server name enter: Type of authentication: SQL Server Authentication Login: Your database login name Password: Your database password... Read More
  4. Are PDO and SQLite supported on the shared hosting? Yes, the libraries PDO & SQLite are supported these are active on the shared hosting environment with php7.  ... Read More
  5. How does the connection between PHP and MSSQL work? A native php mssql driver nl. sqlsrv_connect ipv mssql_connect is used You will find more information on the following link: Example of a connection: <?php /* Specify the server and con... Read More
  6. Error during backup of an SQL database: Could not locate entry in sysdatabases for database [name]. No entry found with that name. Problem: When making a backup of an SQL server, the following error occurs: Database [path] backup was skipped Exception: Could not locate entry in sysdatabases for database [name]. No entry found with that name. Make sure that the name is entere... Read More
  7. Precautions when making backups of SQL databases Precaution: In some cases VSS can trigger SQL Server 2005 to perform full backups automatically. This can lead to useless differential backups of databases. Symptoms: Upon restoring your database, this can result in an unexpected failure. Causes: The... Read More
  8. How do I use a MS SQL Server database? If your hosting package includes a Microsoft SQL server database, you can connect to this database in several ways to create tables, views and stored procedures. You can connect to our SQL server through both Microsoft Access and Microsoft Visual Stu... Read More
  9. Are Microsoft SQL Server Databases supported? Yes, a Microsoft SQL server 2008/2012 database is optionally available with each Windows or .NET shared hosting package. See the product details of your hosting solution. ... Read More
  10. Are MySQL databases supported? Yes, one MySQL database is included in each Linux package and optionally in a Windows package. The available size depends on the package. You can use the PHPMyAdmin web interface to manage the database. ... Read More
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