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  1. How can I verify whether a backup was successful? After each backup you automatically receive a report by e-mail. You can also trace the log files of the backup application through the Online Backup application and the online management webinterface. ... Read More
  2. What is the difference between POP3 and IMAP? In simple words, IMAP mail remains on the server whereas POP3 mail is downloaded to the local drive on your computer. This has both advantages and disadvantages: IMAP allows you to access your mails from any computer . They remain available until... Read More
  3. Set up autoresponder/out-of-office Follow this procedure to set up an autoresponder for your e-mail address: Go to the Myaccount website. Click on "Shared Hosting" in the menu bar on the left. Select your package. Click "Mail accounts" in the left column. ... Read More
  4. How can I transfer my domain name to Telenet? Important: the new agent must initiate the transfer.   1. .be   From 14/6/2011 there has been a change regarding the trade or transfer procedure of BE domains. The procedure is as follows:   Check WHOIS on to verify if the e... Read More
  5. What is a transfer? In brief: a change of agent. A domain name is linked to its legal owner (or licensee), not to the agent who manages that domain name. This means that you can decide at any moment to move (transfer) your domain name to another agent while the owner ... Read More
  6. How can I request a trade? You need to mail your request for an ’owner change’ (e.g. when you want to sell the domain name to someone else or even when you just want to change your company name) to . You will be billed an administrati... Read More
  7. How and when can i renew my domain name? Hostbasket will send you a reminder email two months before the end of the chosen registration period (1, 2, 5 or 10 years). At that moment you have the choice to renew your domain name or not. 1/ You wish to register for another period of 1, 2, 5 o... Read More
  8. During the registration, you remove the www, why? You probably tried to register a domain name such as ’’ or ’’. However, the ’ www’ is not part of the domain name because the domain name is also used for your email address and... Read More
  9. I don’t have a website yet, can I already register a domain name? Yes you can. We even advise you to register your domain name as soon as possible before anybody else does. Claiming a "high-jacked" domain name (in court) could cost you several times the cost of a domain name. You can register your domain name toda... Read More
  10. How much does a registration cost? The price of a domain name depends on the domain extension (e.g. be, nl, com, eu ...) and on the period (1, 2, 5 or 10 years). Please consult this overview of prices for all available extensions.The following services are included for every registrat... Read More
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