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  1. Configure Mail plus POP3 mailbox in myaccount Go to MyAccount and log in with your user name and password Click Shared Hosting > [Name package] > Mail accounts Click "Add Mail Account":   Fill in the desired data: - User name: your login name and the main mail address of your mailbox, you... Read More
  2. How do I configure my name server settings (DNS records)? Log in on MyAccount Click on "Domain names" and select your domain name Click on "Resource records" A-Record Enter the Host name (connected to your domain name, e.g. * and the IP address. Click here to find the IP address of a ho... Read More
  3. What is a catch-all mailbox? A catch-all mailbox will catch all e-mails sent to an e-mail address in the domain for which there is no mail account or alias defined. In this way no mails will be lost, e.g. in case of typing errors in an existing e-mail address. However, a catch-... Read More
  4. What is a CNAME-record (Canonical NAME)? A CNAME-record is used to make an alias for a certain domain (the canonical name). The alias will be completed with the domain name.Example of a CNAME-record: Domain: Alias: apple Canonical name: The alias ’apple&rs... Read More
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