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  1. What is FTP? What program do I use for this? File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a network protocol that allows data transfer from one computer to another through a network (e.g. the internet). This enables you to send or ’upload’ your website files easily to our hosting servers. You ca... Read More
  2. I am logged on to the FTP server. What should I do next? If you are uploading your files for the first time, you need to remove the file "default.htm". This file is placed by default in your account and shows the message "under construction" on your page. Make sure that your homepage has the correct name ... Read More
  3. Where do I find the data to connect to the FTP server? You need this data for instance to upload your website files to the server. We collected all useful information in our easy-to-use MyAccount control panels.Go to MyAccount Click "Shared Hosting" left in the menu bar. Click the domain name of yo... Read More
  4. Add a new domain name and confirm ownership As a first step you need to prove you are the owner of the domain name by adding a verification record (TXT record) to the DNS server of the service provider that hosts your domain name. Add a new domain name Login to MyAccount: Click Shared Hosting... Read More
  5. Up- or Downgrade Licences in CloudOffice   Up- or Downgrade Licences in CloudOffice   Note: It is not possible to delete a license in MyCloud when it is still being used by an Office 365 account. If you want to up- or downgrade an Office 365 account, use the following procedure: Add a new ... Read More
  6. Which firewall configuration is available for my Dynamic Cloud? Protect your server against unauthorized access from the internet. Determine what traffic is allowed.  You can open and close the following ports yourself through the MyAccount online control panel ( ):   20 – FTP 21 – FT... Read More
  7. Changes to shared Linux hosting environment PHP 5.4 (Apache 21) The folder structure you see via FTP has changed on the new Linux platform. It was previously possible to create folders/files at the ‘wwwroot’ level. In the new environment this is no longer possible. We have therefore created a new fol... Read More
  8. How to install dotnetnuke 09.02 on our webhosting ? The steps you need to follow are listed below: Download DotNetNuke 09.02.00 from the download page and click ‘install package’. The 45 MB zip file "DotNetNuke_Community_09.02.00_Install" will... Read More
  9. Are Microsoft Access databases supported? Yes, you can use one or more Microsoft Access databases in each IIS 8 webhosting package. To do so, you should take following actions: - Upload the database file (*.mdb or *.accdb) to your web space. The simplest way is to use and FTP client. -... Read More
  10. Install Drupal 7 Download the latest version of Drupal on Upload all files to your wwwroot folder. To this end, use the free FTP program FileZilla Surf to your website URL and select your installation profile (Standard or Minimal) ... Read More
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