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  1. What is the difference between a private and a public cloud? The difference between a private cloud and a public cloud is simple. In case of a public cloud the cloud infrastructure is used by various companies, in case of a private cloud the cloud infrastructure is set up for one company. In case of public clo... Read More
  2. What’s the difference between a Standard and a Premium Support Contract? 1. Standard Support (included with all server types) allows you to contact Hostbasket’s first line support during business hours (on working days from 8 am to 7 pm) through ticketing as well as by phone. Standard Support offers support for... Read More
  3. Which non-standard ASP components have been installed on the Hostbasket Shared ASP.Net Servers? We provide on our shared Windows ASP.Net web hosting servers ASP components that can be easily integrated in your website. Our provider is Persits ( The next components have been installed and can be used for all .Net web ho... Read More
  4. Unable to surf on the internet when the VPN connection for the management of my dedicated server is being established This can be explained by the fact that your VPN is using our VPN server as default gateway. This means that all traffic to your dedicated server as well as the normal internet traffic is sent through the VPN tunnel. It is recommended to deactivate th... Read More
  5. How to choose between a Windows and a Linux server? The choice between Microsoft Windows and Linux is largely prompted by the technologies used by the web designer. Telenet offers the two systems. If you wish to use asp(.net), IIS or an MS SQL Server database, you are best to opt for Microsoft Win... Read More
  6. What is the difference between POP3 and IMAP? In simple words, IMAP mail remains on the server whereas POP3 mail is downloaded to the local drive on your computer. This has both advantages and disadvantages: IMAP allows you to access your mails from any computer . They remain available until... Read More
  7. Can I use a URL like with my hosting account? Yes, you can add a domain name to your hosting account at any moment. Some hosting packages even include a free domain name (see package details). When you add a domain name, the URL will be configured for your web space. The domain... Read More
  8. How long does it take my domain name to become active? In most cases your domain name will be activated within 24 hours after we receive your payment. This is the time it takes for the name servers to update their information. Transfers may take longer. ... Read More
  9. Did Telenet subscribe to the Domain Ethix Code? This label ceased to exist in November 2007. The principles in this code of conduct are now incorporated in the agent contract, Telenet has voluntarily signed. This means Telenet is bound by the following fundamental principles: Telenet nv registe... Read More
  10. What is Forwarding? What is the difference between URL redirect and URL forward? As long as you host your website elsewhere, the domain name that you have registered with Telenet has to point to that location. This is called URL forwarding.You can forward a URL in 2 ways:Cloaked forwarding: the domain name remains in your browser... Read More
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