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  1. I am travelling and I am unable send e-mails. What is the problem? The network to which you are connected probably uses a different outgoing mailserver (SMTP server) than the one at your office. Make sure to enter the correct data in your e-mailclient (ask the provider of the connected network). This is the general ... Read More
  2. What are webparts and which are available? Sharepoint websites use Web parts, small web applications developed in ASP.NET. The webmasters and website users can easily add those web parts to the web pages of your Sharepoint and configure them according to their use. There are many standard web... Read More
  3. Are there any technical restrictions or conditions to register a domain name? Yes indeed, there are some restrictions when you choose your domain name. Below, we list the most frequently occurring. Please note that these restrictions can vary depending on the domain extension.Only letters (a-z), numbers (0-9) and hyphens (-) a... Read More
  4. Which .NET Framework Trust levels are allowed? We support all .NET Framework trust levels:  from 'Minimal' to 'Full'.In the interest of maintaining security within our shared hosting environment and because Medium Trust is more limited than Full Trust, all web applications are assigned a cus... Read More
  5. Is ionCube Encoder/Loader supported? We support ionCube Encoder/Loader. Companies can protect the PHP source code of their applications. ionCube Encoder protects the code through an advanced encoding technology. This software is billable and needs to be purchased and used by the custome... Read More
  6. Install Joomla 2.5 Download the latest version of Joomla on the following site: Upload all files to your wwwroot folder Surf to your website to start the installation of Joomla Select the installation language o... Read More
  7. How do I create a "404 - page not found" page for my hosting? Create the desired error page in a html editor, just as you would create any other page of your website. You can adapt the page to your taste (text, links, images, ...). This will be the page that will be displayed instead of the 404 error page. Save... Read More
  8. Why is "parent path" not allowed on IIS7/IIS8? Why do I get an error with disallowed parent path? Parent path is not allowed on iis7 and an error with disallowed parent path will appear Reason:   Parent path is not allowed on iis7 to prevent people from doing forbidden things. Below you will find a quote from microsoft: "Parent paths can potentia... Read More
  9. Which connection string can I use for MS ACCESS on the IIS7 (webfarm) servers? To use MS Access databases on the Hostbasket Shared IIS7 web servers the following connection string can be used: ConnectionString="Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; Data Source=Directoryyour_database_name.mdb;" &_"User Id=admin; Password=pass;"... Read More
  10. Error message during backup ’Reparse point not supported’ Problem: Users might get the following warning message when backing up profile data on machines running Vista: Skipping: Z:UsersTester (reparse point, unsupported) The backup report states 'Backup incomplete'. This error message mig... Read More
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