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  1. What are the system requirements to optimally work with the Webbuilder? In order to be able to optimally work, you must have a PC or Mac with a web browser. Webbuilder has been tested in Internet Explorer 7-9, Mozilla Firefox 3-4, Safari 3-5, Google Chrome, Netscape and Opera. Internet Explorer 6 and Mobile Safari are no... Read More
  2. Which Operating Systems are supported? Supported OS OnlineBackup .Net client: Please note that, even though the tables below mention 64bit versions of the various operating systems, we do not officially support 64bit operating systems. For 64bit operating systems, the 32bit agent is... Read More
  3. How do I recognize ASP/ASP.NET pages? You can recognize ASP pages by the extension .asp. The file itself will also contain tags that refer respectively to the beginning and end of the ASP code block. The code can be written with VBScript and/or Javascript. You can recognize ASP.NET page... Read More
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