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  1. How do I change the automatic windows update scheduler of my server? If there is no WSUS plan on your server, you can adapt yourself the scheduler for the automatic windows updates.   Start the Local Group Policy editor using the command gpedit.msc (via start > run (Windows 2000/2003) or via the Start > comman... Read More
  2. How do I create a Scheduled Task in Windows Server 2003? A lot of tasks in Windows can be automated by using script files. To run a program or script you need to create a scheduled task. You will find the Task Scheduler in the Windows control panel. You will get an overview of all tasks regardless of... Read More
  3. Error message during backup: Could not find file "C:WINDOWSTEMPxxxxxx.dll' Problem: During backup, the following error message is being generated: Could not find file "C:WINDOWSTEMPxxxxxx.dll' Cause: Most probable cause is that windows could not generate a unique file name. Resolution: This can occur if there are too many t... Read More
  4. How to choose between a Windows and a Linux server? The choice between Microsoft Windows and Linux is largely prompted by the technologies used by the web designer. Telenet offers the two systems. If you wish to use asp(.net), IIS or an MS SQL Server database, you are best to opt for Microsoft Win... Read More
  5. Can I use PHP on IIS 7 (Windows hosting)? Yes, you can use PHP 5 on Windows hosting with IIS7. You cannot however use permissions and htaccess files. ... Read More
  6. Who installs patches for the operating system in Windows hosting? We install patches on your Windows server once a month when those are available, provided that you registered for the "Automatic OS Patches & Upgrades via WSUS (option available with Evolve and Value server, included in Perform"). Upgrades of the... Read More
  7. Configure Windows Phone 6 for Exchange Press "Start" > "Programs" Press "ActiveSync" Press "set up your device to sync with it" Enter " " in the "Server address" field. Leave "This server requires an encrypted SSL connection" toggled on. Press "Ne... Read More
  8. Does my domain name include an email address? Each domain name includes email forwards (e.g. >> If someone sends an e-mail at and you reply to this e-mail, this person will see your yahoo address and not the address with... Read More
  9. Cut-Over the mailflow What is a Cut-Over? When you migrate to a new email system, you must notify the internet by changing the MX records with your DNS provider (i.e. when you move to a new home, you must notify the Post Office of your address change). How can you migr... Read More
  10. Is it possible to receive e-mails with IMAP? Yes. IMAP is available for all mailboxes provided within Hostbasket webhosting solutions and for Mail Plus, both on Windows and Linux. ... Read More
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