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  1. What technologies are supported by my IIS8 web hosting? There are various technologies that your IIS8 shared web hosting does and does not support. A complete list is shown below: Supported Not supported Programming languages - ASP.NET 2.0 - 4.5 ... Read More
  2. What are the Linux Shared Webhosting server settings? Apache shared hosting info:     PHP version MySql version   Apache04 5.2.17 5.0.51a more info Apache05 5.2.17 5.0.51a more info Apache06 5.2.17 5.0.51a more info Apache07 5.2.17 5.0.51a more info Apache08 5.2.17 5.0... Read More
  3. Which versions of the .NET framework are supported? Frameworks     ASP.NET 4.0 & 4.7.1 (ajax included) ASP.NET 3.5 (2.0 has been upgraded to 3.5) sp1 ajax included: this is the same ajax as the 1.1 version on 2.0     Included by default in the frameworks     ASP.NET Dynamic Data ASP.NE... Read More
  4. What technologies are supported by my IIS7 web hosting? Your IIS7 shared web hosting supports various technologies. A complete list is shown below: The ASP components used are from  Persits Software   Ondersteund Programmeertalen ASP.NET 3.5 sp1 Ajax included. This is the same Ajax as... Read More
  5. How to choose between a Windows and a Linux server? The choice between Microsoft Windows and Linux is largely prompted by the technologies used by the web designer. Telenet offers the two systems. If you wish to use asp(.net), IIS or an MS SQL Server database, you are best to opt for Microsoft Win... Read More
  6. What is shared web hosting? Shared Hosting is the easiest and fastest way to publish your website on the internet. In addition, you will benefit from the expertise of Telenet to keep everything safe. Shared Hosting allows sharing a web server with different websites. One of the... Read More
  7. Can I back up my server with Online Backup? Yes. Hostbasket offers a special package for this, Online Back-up Server Edition, developed to back up larger volumes. There is even support for backups of MS Windows System State, MS SQL Server and MS Exchange Server. ... Read More
  8. How does Hostbasket Online Backup work? Hostbasket Online Backup makes an encrypted backup of your precious files and sends them over the internet to our powerful and highly secured servers on a regular basis. With Online PC Backup you can make a simple backup of your computer: Often ... Read More
  9. Are Microsoft Access databases supported? Yes, you can use one or more Microsoft Access databases in each IIS 8 webhosting package. To do so, you should take following actions: - Upload the database file (*.mdb or *.accdb) to your web space. The simplest way is to use and FTP client. -... Read More
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